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V.A. DO THE APER - Tribute Sampler (CD)

Dutch bands in different genres pay tribute to the Apers. A strange, refreshing take on some of the Apers classics. Comes with cool liner notes by Kevin Aper himself. FUN! Band include The Heideroosjes, Peter Pan Speedrock, Face Tomorrow and I Against I

Tracklist: 1 –Heideroosjes The Kids Are Out Tonight 2 –San Andreas (4) Brand New Day 3 –I Against I Wine & Dine 4 –Skokotronic Bijna Zomer (Almost Summer) 5 –Face Tomorrow You Can't Change The World 6 –Beyond Lickin' Jodie 7 –The Freckles Bend Over Backwards 8 –Peter Pan Speedrock Too Many Backpacks At The Show 9 –Ramoneroonies* What Are You Doing Tonite? 10 –Feverdream It's OK To Hate Me 11 –Travoltas All You Need To Know 12 –El Guapo Stuntteam Giving Up, Caving In  13 –The Accelerators  Wanna Go  14 –El Pino and the Volunteers I Hate Guys With Girlfriends 15 –The Apers Punkrock Girl

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