ABROVINK - S/T (7" EP) 7€ limited 200 black

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ABROVINK - S/T (7" EP) black Vinyl


The new breed of Swedish Oi! !!! Neue Punk/Oi! Band aus Norrköping (Sweden) mit Ihrer Debut EP. Limited edition to 200 copies on black vinyl with insert. 4 tracks!

Tracklist: A1 Hysteria A2 Big Gods B1 Middle of a storm B2 Worthless

American Oi! review Let’s welcome Abrovink, an all new band from Norrköping, Sweden who started little over a year ago (late 2018) and just released their self-titled debut EP through Common People Records! And what better way to welcome them than with a warm review, right? Right, so here we go! Despite this being the band’s debut on vinyl, the four tracks featured on this slab of wax were actually previously released on a six-track cassette through Oldschool Factory. Since only 40 of those cassettes were duplicated, you probably didn’t get your hands on one of those tapes and to be honest, neither did I. So thankfully Common People Records picked these tracks up and threw them on seven inches of vinyl, because these tracks are too good to be limited to a measly 40 copies! Released on regular black vinyl (200 copies) and limited, bone colored vinyl (100 copies), the Swedish three-piece cranks out four scorching Oi!-punk tracks with a great amount of power, energy and melody! The songs in question - “Hysteria”, “Big Gobs”, “Middle Of A Storm” and “Worthless” - are one powerful, relatively uptempo attack after another and, as the song-titles already suggest, completely in English. Although I always prefer bands to sing in their native tongue, you don’t have to fear weird accents whatsoever, as the vocals are just as strong as Abrovink’s sound! An excellent debut and an absolute must for fans of Swedish Oi!-punk such as Oldfashioned Ideas, Posso Kongro and Lost Warning. Great stuff from the North - as always! Hysteria Big Gods Middle Of A Storm Worthless

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