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V/A OI! BOOTS AROUND THE WORLD VOL.1 (LP+CD) including digital downoadcode

Pressing Info: Limited Edition 500 copies,

100 Black, 100 naturel yellow/green haze, 150 earth colored (white/blue/black haze), 150 redwhiteblue inside/out, 8 testpress


The name is program with this fhigh class international OI! & Streetpunk compilation. With a total of 11 bands across the globe, every continent is represented here. To the ears there are 14 songs, for the most part previously unreleased and on the accompanying CD (with cardboard slipcase cover) are also 5 bonus tracks on it. Klasse Kriminale convince among other things with a successful Warzone cover (The Sound Of Revolution) sung in the local language. Established bands and newcomers give themselves here the hand and provide for a round thing. Represented are: Anger Flares - Klasse Kriminale - Mob Mentality - Bromure - Biertoifel - Hooliganskins - On The Job - Anti Squad - Stomper Boots - The Clinch - Hardsell

2021 Laketown Records / Sunny Bastards / Clockwork Punk / Liberty Or Death

Tracklist Vinyl:

A1: Anger Flares - Here We Go  A2: Mob Mentality - Forever Loyal  A3: Bromure - Pour Eux  A4: Anti Squad - The Honor & The Pride  A5: Klasse Kriminale - Odio  A6: Hardsell - Gonna Die Tonight  A7: On The Job - Sextonhundra 80

B1: Anger Flares - Go For It  B2: Klasse Kriminale - Sound Of Revolution  B3: Hardsell - Heroes Of The Weekend  B4: Stomper Boots - Working Class Pride  B5: Biertoifel - Sound Of The Street  B6: The Clinch - Blooded  B7: Hooliganskins - That´s Alright

Tracklist CD:

1: Anger Flares - Here We Go  2: Mob Mentality - Forever Loyal  3: Bromure - Pour Eux  4: Anti Squad - The Honor & The Pride  5: Klasse Kriminale - Odio  6: Hardsell - Gonna Die Tonight  7: On The Job - Sextonhundra 80 8: Anger Flares - Go For It 9: Klasse Kriminale - Sound Of Revolution 10: Hardsell - Heroes Of The Weekend 11: Stomper Boots - Working Class Pride 12: Biertoifel - Sound Of The Street 13: The Clinch - Blooded 14: Hooliganskins - That´s Alright

CD ONLY BONUS SONGS (included as digital download also):

15: Biertoifel (feat.  Mob Mentality) - Skinhead Party  16: Anti Squad - The Ordinary People  17: Bromure - A La Rue  18: Mob Mentality - Boiling Point  19: On The Job - Don´t Ruin My Day

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