ROUTEENS - S/T (LP) black Vinyl + DLC 12€

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ROUTEENS - S/T (LP) black Vinyl + DLC

Chic screen printed folding cover, printed on both sides. * Giessener female fronted punkrock band with their strong 7-track disc. Beautiful melodic, pop punk rock with a slight garage edge, a little post-punk touch and good female vocals. Friends of Wipers, Autistic Youth, Pleasure Leftists, etc. pay attention! The record comes in a fancy DIY screenprint cover with the lyrics on the inside. * Kink Records 2018 Translated with (free version)

Tracklist: A1 Opinion A2 The Tides A3 Qué No A4 Focus B1 Courage B2 Shift B3 Refusal

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